Best 5 Flashlight Apps for Android


Flashlight applications are a fading variety. Below is a list of flashlight applications that have the bare least authorizations that should work flawlessly for you. Check out these best flashlight applications for Android: Color Flashlight, Flashlight by SimGears, Privacy Flashlight, Super-Bright LED Flashlight and Tiny Flashlight + LED.

Color Flashlight

The Color Flashlight needs the typical lowest set of authorizations and permits the usage of both the display to show different effects as well as the camera. You can select the color, size, shape, and pattern of the light.  The app is small and in addition to that it has no consent to transfer any operator data.


The Flashlight is a product of SimGears and is very essential but very cool and evades unnecessary authorizations. It goes on automatically and immediately on getting to the app and goess off once it perceives that the phone is not in use and put inside. It offers four diverse widgets for switching the flashlight on and off.

Privacy Flashlight

The Privacy flashlight remains royal to its name and offers complete privacy. It contains no ads or any malware or spyware. This is a modest, tiniest, lightest and benign flashlight. It needs bare minimum authorizations to work and doesn’t need too much storage space. Similar other all apps, it offers a widget and a friendly app user interface.

Super-Bright LED Flashlight

The Super-Bright LED Flashlight is a tremendously common app with lively LED and simple, shiny and gorgeous user interface. It merely wants standard Camera or Mic permission and does not gather user location or any other information. The interface appears like a meek handheld flashlight and delivers a changeable strobe and alternating mode feature.

Tiny Flashlight + LED

The Tiny Flashlight is among the ancient and most dependable flashlight applications. Apart from the usual flashlight functions it also backs strobe light task, blinking lights as well as other attractive aspects. The app shows ads and so may require network authorizations additional to the normal minimal camera authorizations.

These apps have shoved the microphone and camera authorizations into a single consent. A vast common of camera apps at no time even try to entree the mic but do need the Camera or Mic consent in order to enter your phone’s LED flash. This is completely unavoidable and you will never get a flashlight application without that permission.

If you’re upset about the mic authorization, you should not be since even if these creators turned the microphone on, none of these applications have the approval to write to storage: Minus the write to storage authorization, they are incapable to save any records at all to your phone. That implies the app is really unable of recording you though the mic were on.

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