Mega Flashlight for Android

Flashlight Mega Flashlight can utilize either the screen on your device or the LED flash located on the back of your device to give you a flashlight. In addition to being simple and very easy to use, it also features a strobe light that moves in a variety of patterns, emergency flashing and a nice Morse Code option.

The Mega Flashlight app asks for both camera and network permission, but there is a perfectly good reason for both. The camera permission gives the app the opportunity to use the camera flash as a flashlight. The network app gives the app permission to show advertisements from a third party. The latter is the reason this app is free for your use.

The manufacturer also asks that if the app does not work for your device, please do not leave a bad review or comment. Simply send an email, listed in the Playstore, and they will try to work it out.


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